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Registered Massage Therapy

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Damara Huynh, RMT

Damara is a Registered Massage Therapist from Toronto. After experiencing a debilitating back injury, it was through her own rehabilitation that she became fascinated with anatomy, body mechanics and body work.  Damara applies a variety of techniques that range from light to deep pressure (based on your preference), while paying attention to flow and incorporating fascial release, trigger point release, Swedish Massage and remedial exercise. She understands that each individual is different and takes the time to develop realistic treatment plans while providing patients with home care to encourage healthy habits and to achieve lasting results.
Damara is passionate whether the objective is to rehabilitate and relieve an injury or ailment, provide a relaxation massage to help with mental and emotional well-being, or any combination of empowering someone to feel their best and reach their goals.


Damara’s treatments are focused on understanding compensatory structures and addressing underlying issues to optimize physical function. 

Image by Toa Heftiba

Massage Therapy FAQs


What types of conditions do massage therapists treat?

Massage therapists treat acute and chronic conditions. If you deal with muscle tension, chronic pain or just need some relaxation, a massage therapist can help. Massage therapy can also be a segment of a preventative care program. This can include sports training, injury prevention and persistent stress management among others. Massage therapists can alleviate musculoskeletal disorders that are attained through everyday stress, overuse injuries, physical symptoms associated with mental distress and many chronic pain syndromes.


Does OHIP cover massage therapy?

RMT services are not covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). However, many personal extended health benefit plans will cover all or parts of the services. You are not required to get a referral or prescription to see an RMT but some insurance companies may require it to be covered. Some patients can be reimbursed under the Workplace Safety and insurance board or by an automobile insurance company if they are receiving treatment from a workplace injury or a motor vehicle accident.


Why do massage therapists charge HST?

To be exempt from charging HST in Canada, a health profession must be regulated in a minimum of five provinces. Massage therapy has recently been regulated in 5 provinces and is in the steps of completing a formal application for tax exemption. In the meantime, registered massage therapists in Ontario are HST-registered and must charge and remit HST according to the rules placed by the Canadian government.


How often should I get a massage?

Frequency of getting a massage depends on many factors including your needs, budget, benefits, etc. You can have a mutual discussion with your RMT about how often you should receive treatment depending on these factors. You can also seek advice from a physician as to how often to seek treatment. .

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