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Damara Huynh, Registered Massage Therapist


Damara is a graduate of Kikkawa College and a Registered Massage Therapist from Toronto.  After experiencing a debilitating back injury, it was through her own rehabilitation that she became fascinated with anatomy, body mechanics and body work.  Damara applies a variety of techniques that range from light to deep pressure (based on your preference), while paying attention to flow and incorporating fascial release, trigger point release, Swedish Massage and remedial exercise. She understands that each individual is different and takes the time to develop realistic treatment plans while providing patients with home care to encourage healthy habits and to achieve lasting results.

Specializing in neck and shoulder pain, headaches, nerve pain, movement restrictions, activity based injuries and stress reduction, Damara’s treatments are focused yet come with an understanding of compensatory structures and addressing underlying issues to optimize physical function. 

Damara is passionate whether the objective is to rehabilitate and relieve an injury or ailment, provide a relaxation massage to help with mental and emotional well-being, or any combination of empowering someone to feel their best and reach their goals.

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